REOPENED: Call for Abstracts: Minecraft and Philosophy


Minecraft Parthenon by Nerdsworth Academy

[Deadline for Abstracts extended to March 23rd 2015]

Minecraft and Philosophy

Edited by Ian Schnee

The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series


Please circulate and re-post widely


Abstracts and subsequent essays should be philosophically substantial but accessible, written to engage the intelligent lay reader. Contributors of accepted essays will receive an honorarium.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Submission deadline for abstracts (100-500 words) and CV(s): March 23, 2015.
  2. Submission deadline for drafts of accepted papers: July 10, 2015.
  3. Kindly submit by e-mail (with or without Word attachment) to: Ian Schnee (

Possible themes and topics might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Mining Plato’s Cave
  • Aristotle, Happiness and an RS Nor Latch
  • Sisyphus, Mob Farming and the Meaning of Life
  • TNT, Tripwires and Moral Luck
  • Redstone and Logic Gates
  • Riding Pigs and Animal Rights
  • Stealing Swag and Lockean Property Rights
  • Survival Mode and the Hobbesian State of Nature
  • Possible Minecraft Worlds and Philosophy of Language
  • Tribal Warring and Ethical Objectivity
  • The Nietzschean Free Spirit’s Sandbox
  • Villagers, Servers, and Colonization
  • Personhood and Trans-World Identity
  • Backstabbing and Social Contract Theory
  • Mods and Marxism
  • Enchantment and Miracles
  • The Ethics of Griefing
  • Portals and Wormholes
  • Farming and Food Ethics
  • Skins, Ethnicity and Race
  • Ready-to-hand and present-to-hand: coping in survival mode
  • While you sleep: the present and the metaphysics of time
  • Crowded servers: philosophy and urban spaces
  • 1st person, 3rd person, and the view from nowhere
  • MinecraftEdu and philosophy of education
  • Group action and collective intentionality
  • “Piracy is not theft”: digital intellectual property rights
  • Video games and interactive cinema
  • Flying arrows: Shooter bias and avatars

To propose ideas for future volumes in the Blackwell series please email the Series Editor, William Irwin. If you have comments or criticisms for the series, please contact the series editor after reading “Fancy Taking a Pop?” and “Writing for the Reader: A Defense of Philosophy and Popular Culture Books

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