Welcome to the home of The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series!

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Our goal with the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series is to get philosophy out of the ivory tower by publishing books about smart popular culture for serious fans. With each volume in this series we seek to teach philosophy using the themes, characters, and ideas from your favorite TV shows, comic books, movies, music, games, and more.

On this website you’ll enjoy regular posts provided by the editors, and musings from a varied community of expert contributors. The content on this site will generally be in one of the following four categories:

‘X and Philosophy’ Fun but substantial posts dealing with the philosophical content of a given pop culture franchise. These may (or may not) deal with franchises on which we’ve published a book.
‘Popcorn’ Short ‘shout-outs’ about other content from around the web  –  really anything interesting to do with philosophy and pop culture, or to one of the books in the series.
Interviews We’ll be publishing Q&A’s with the editors of published and forthcoming books, and finding out what they love about the shows/movies/games/bands in question. 
Calls for Abstracts Just what it sounds like: we’ll periodically post calls for abstracts for forthcoming titles. We will take any suggestions seriously.

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