God’s Not Dead and Reverse Scapegoating

Check out the discussion of God’s Not Dead and reverse scapegoating here. “The culture wars of Pat Buchanan and God’s Not Dead undermine this idea that we do not need an Enemy, for they would not know how to make America or Christianity great without some threat that is implicitly in the way of making…

Charlie Brown and Existentialism

Charlie Brown and Existentialism Check out this article about Peanuts and existentialism published by Vanity Fair. It’s pretty good, but the focus on Kierkegaard misses the more important existentialist connections. I would have liked to read a discussion of the Great Pumpkin and Waiting for Godot. And what about The Myth of Sisyphus and Charlie…

Could the Jedi Be the Bad Guys?

Here’s something to read while you wait for your copy of The Ultimate Star Wars and Philosophy to arrive from Amazon. Could the Jedi be the bad guys? Jonathan V. Last thinks so. Click here for 9 reasons to answer yes.

Star Trek and Scarcity

Over at Mises.org Jonathan Newman takes up an issue that will be discussed in The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy (to be published in 2016). Click here to read “Star Trek is Wrong: There Will Always be Scarcity.”