The Philosophy and Pop Culture ‘Top 10’: True Detective, Burning Man, Mickey Mouse, 24, Minecraft and more

It’s been 6 months since we relaunched ANDPHILOSOPHY and as a little half-birthday treat, we’ve collected here the 10 most popular posts since launch. Happy reading.

And remember there are plenty of ways for you to get involved.

 true-detective-poster-16x9-1[1] 1. True Detective and Philosophy: The Light Is Winning
Burning-Man1[1] 2. Burning Man and Philosophy: Love in the Desert
 Season-8-Japan-Promos-24-16860293-1280-1024[1] 3. 24 and Philosophy
 pillbox5[1] 4. Minecraft and Philosophy
mickey-mouse-clubhouse[1] 5.  The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Philosophy

6. Guardians of the Galaxy and Philosophy

7. American Horror Story and Philosophy: Can Horror Stories Have Happy Endings?

8. Louis C.K. and Philosophy

9. Sons of Anarchy and Philosophy (Part I)

10. X-Men and Philosophy: The Metaphysical Daze of Future Past?

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