Braaaaaaains? (We’ve got Halloween Covered)


Happy Halloween, kiddies. This is the AndPhilosophy Cryptkeeper here, daring you to explore this menacing menagerie of Philosophy and Pop Culture books. OK, so, maybe some of these aren’t all that scary, but they’re all written by folks with some serious braaaaaaains. HAhahAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

Not-so-fresh from the metaphysical mausoleum today:


9781118346686.pdf 1118615999 484234_cover.indd 9781118119303.pdf






Also in the spirit of the day, or possibly not, be sure to check out Zombethics, an innovative symposium open to the public, discussing scholarly topics “at the intersection of neuroethics, public health ethics, religion, film, disability, and bioethics . . .  all explored through a frighteningly fascinating context to which we can all relate: zombies”



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