South Park and Alan Watts VIDEO

I don’t know if this video was really made by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. But even if it wasn’t, it’s a pretty funny accompaniment to Alan Watts. You might also like: View the complete list of books:


Christopher Nolan and Philosophy

By William Irwin, David Kyle Johnson published Inception and Philosophy a couple of years ago and delivered a terrific talk about it at Google. I’m a big fan of the films of Christopher Nolan, including Inception and Memento, but I had never noticed Nolan’s unique take on the femme fatale until I read this blog by…

ICO: The Castle of Mist novel Poster (re-print)

Computer Games and Philosophy

By William Irwin I’m currently working on BioShock and Philosophy with volume editor Luke Cuddy. So far I’ve seen some terrific papers on personal identity, freedom, and possible worlds. I think it’s clear that some video games are works of art that are worthy of philosophical attention. It looks like I’m not alone in this…


Robocop and Philosophy

By William Irwin I haven’t seen the new Robocop movie, but from the sound of this blog the movie was self consciously philosophical with characters named after contemporary philosophers of mind Daniel Dennett and Hubert Dreyfus.


American Horror Story and Philosophy: Can Horror Stories Have Happy Endings?

American Horror Story and Philosophy Can Horror Stories Have Happy Endings? Benjamin W. McCraw Unlike fairy tales, the protagonist of a horror story/movie doesn’t really live ‘happily ever after’ due to the carnage, death, and destruction often bobbing the wake of the struggle to survive the ordeal and slay the evil demon/ghost/monster/killer/alien/whatever.  The hero/ine comes…